Year 10 Trigonometry

Trig worksheet & Trig Answers (Thanks Miss Hudson)

Year 10 Trig

Year 10 trigANS

Trig Extension Questions & Answers (thanks again Miss Hudson :))

Trig Extension homework book questions

Trig Extension homework book ANS

Sine Rule, Cosine Rule & Area Rule

5 Sine Cosine Rule Powerpoint

Sine:Cosine:Area Rule Questions & ANS

9C Area Rule ANS

6.4 Sine & Cosine Rules

6.4 Sine & Cosine Rules ANS

6.6 Area Rule

6.6 Area Rule ANS Q1-6

What to put in your notes (courtesy of Mr Rains)- Remember to do examples, not just formulae!!!



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4 responses to “Year 10 Trigonometry

  1. debra

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much from a parent that is trying!!!!! extremely hard to get yr10 student to study trig for coming exam when he says ‘don’t have text book…..can’t find anything online’ – REALLY??? Thank you for supplying answers as well, it has been sometime since I did trig. This is a great site, shame his school couldn’t have done the same. Well done!

  2. Hey, Im a year 10 student and I was wondering how you figured out the answers for the last two questions. I am really stuck and I need help on figuring out the answers.
    Please hurry 😦

  3. I just really need help on those two questions. Thankyou!

  4. moataz

    thanks heaps.

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